What You Need to Know When Buying New Home Insurance in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta home insurance is available for most homeowners to purchase, and it provides coverage for everything from fire and theft to floods, windstorms and more. Most will purchase home insurance in Atlanta, GA when they initially purchase their house, and they will maintain the policy over the years. Some will review and update it from year to year to ensure that they always have the best coverage for their needs. Understanding coverage requirements and other components of your policy is critical for you as you prepare to purchase or update a policy.

The Requirements for Homeowners Insurance in Atlanta

First, unlike auto insurance, there is no state or local requirement for you to purchase homeowners insurance. The main requirement that most homeowners have regarding their coverage comes from their lender. Most mortgage lenders require that you maintain homeowners coverage, and they will purchase a policy for you if you cannot purchase one that meets their minimum requirements.


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